Meet Asylum Seekers!

—with People Seeking Asylum

They are people who sometimes feel lonely, misunderstood or simply forgotten. Just drop in for a chat whenever you can… and have a chance to create a connection!

Do you have a double movie pass?

— Are you cooking pies or making a pavlova and would like to share it with someone who is new to Australia?

—Connection offers an opportunity to get in touch with People who are Seeking Asylum. They are humans and are the same as everyone else except that they live a life full of insecurities.




There are more than 30,000 people seeking asylum in Australia. Most of them came from countries with various cultures. However, there are also many organisations that advocate for a fair treatment for those people who are seeking safety.
One problem is that those people are ABSENT: they are absent from the vigils, from the events, and are still experiencing isolation, and difficulty to make new friends or simply discover Australia.

This is for families,friends, who have asked me so many times: Who are Asylum Seekers?
We would like to meet them!

—People seeking asylum are people who are seeking safety in Australia while their claims for protection are being processed.
—Having often faced traumatic circumstances, they can have difficulty finding work and remain very isolated.
—People seeking asylum  are human beings like everyone else. They might be in this current situation but they need connection, friendship, families and a sense of belonging.



Lunch, Picnic, Visit at the Zoo, A run, A walk at the beach? A free gig? Up to you…

Connection is easy and simple…

You can invite one person or two for a walk, any type of experience as long as it is about genuine connections, chats and friendships.

Just let us know what you would like to do and we will help you get in touch and meet with people seeking asylum in Australia.

This project starts in Melbourne but will hopefully extends in other cities in the next months.


  • Send us an email with information regarding what your event and how you would like to make a connection :