Profile created. Smile photo added. I started chatting with strangers. I needed to talk to people, interact, and potentially make new friends. I thought Tinder would be helpful. I’d had stories of Tinder being a hook-up site but I thought it could work as long as I had a good intuition with the people I was chatting to. But how can you even know if the person you are talking to is real?

Of course, I wasn’t gonna mention anything too personal. So I talked about being new to Melbourne, and wanting to learn more about the country. So Mr J started talking to me, we talked about music, Melbourne and we decided to catch up. He was in his late twenties, young professional. He would come to my place and we would take it from there maybe. That was good for me because I was going to see who he was before going for a drink.

four people holding green check signs standing on the field photography

We went to the closest Max Brenner and enjoyed a good ice cream and a good chat. Was I interested in a relationship? No. And I made sure I mentioned it straight after. He was curious and found me exotic. Hence the reason he drove the 1.30h after work to come to meet me. He kept me company in a very great way. I haven’t had any good time out like that.

We talked about family, what I was interested in and relationships. We laughed about the crazy experiences he had had from online dating apps. He mentioned Plenty of Fish and even read some funny responses to me adding that many girls nowadays were rushing into talking about sex straight away. That maybe the fact that I wasn’t focused on that topic in the first conversations made him think I wasn’t gonna eat him!

We drove back and talked about books. Motivational books especially. He recommended a free app for books that could help find a direction or get motivated…and then came music and concerts about Katy Perry and Rihanna… I would have gone to Rihanna’s but not Peery’s and we compared their styles, fashion as I thought the Barbadian was slayin’!

He dropped me off and a true friendship actually started from there. We met again a couple of times but he still waited for me to change my mind and go further which I never had an intention to do. We lost track I guess…I wasn’t in for more. But he was very funny indeed! Also he made me believe that Tinder could be whatever you wanted it to be. I would keep scrolling again for when I would have find my own place. Later…

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