What is truly a ‘fast-tracking’ refugee process?

These are the steps involved in seeking asylum in Australia as outlined in the article published by the UNSW. The first is considered the most easiest…However some people like myself get stuck on the second step which is handled by the Department of Home Affairs.

  • the asylum seeker lodges an application, using Form 866, which is submitted to the Department of Home Affairs
  • an officer of the Department makes a primary decision as to whether the asylum seeker is entitled to protection (as a refugee or beneficiary of complementary protection)
  • if refused, the asylum seeker may apply for merits review by the MRD-AAT
  • if the refusal is upheld, the asylum seeker may appeal to the Federal Circuit Court, Federal Court, or in exceptional cases the High Court, for judicial review (based on a legal error in the decision-making process) not merits review
  • as a last resort, the asylum seeker may request that the Minister personally intervene to grant him/her a visa

Speaking of fast-track 😦  …

Read  the full article here


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