The desperate search of an accomodation

Worried, distressed, agitated, I started feeling the pressure on not knowing where I was going to live for the next months. Oh my God I was so stressed. I was fearful and very scared of what the future had in store for me.

I kept checking websites of organisations that mentioned they had accommodation for people who were seeking asylum. Some looked like houses for families. From asking the Red Cross,  Uniting Care Hotam Mission, Brigidine sisters, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC), but nothing was on offer for an urgent accommodation.

Then Lentara Uniting HAPPENED. I will never forget how my heart bumped when the kind voice over the telephone responded positively to my request.

I recall the conversation went like this:

-Hi, am desperately looking for a place to live…Could you please help me?

-Hello, wait a moment, I will have a look and see what we can do for you.


I closed my eyes and made a prayer.


-Hi, are you there? Actually it looks like we have something available!

-Really? Oh my God, I don’t know how to thank you…I was trembling of joy and surprise.

-What do I need to do?  Can I move in tomorrow?

-I will call you later to take you through some application then we can organise your move.

I hadn’t expected to be this supported.  It was one of the most life changing afternoon call I have ever had. I remember it like it was yesterday. That was in November 2015. That woman, who became my case worker later was an angel sent to me. She saved me from being homeless. She gave me hope.

Thank you for that positive call miss E. Thank you for finding me a room. Thank you for being a Xmas light. 


#accommodation #hope #light #new chapter

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