A place to call home…

With a backpack, I went to Lentara Uniting Office at the Brunswick office. I had a meeting to fill out some forms and be taken to my new home.

On the way there, I forgot my mobile phone, a small Motorola E2 that I was using. I was nervous but losing my phone on the bus made me realise how I needed to slow down and calm my thoughts…I was thinking about the place I was going to live for the x months before I find an employment. Many questions were rushing through my head. Without communication, now it was going to be difficult to get in touch with my case worker.

There are some truly kind people are actually! I borrowed a mobile phone from a stranger on the train and she let me use her phone to call my mobile phone. I looked desperate.
On the way to Brunswick through Powell train station, that lovely lady let me use her phone. No one was responding until I had to leave the train.

Well, the telephone would have to wait. As no one was answering that gave me hope that it was still on the bus chair. It wasn’t a fancy phone and I hoped that it would be found by the driver.

I got to Lentara Uniting and after filling in the required information, collected some toiletries and basic food from the food bank… Ms. E drove me to my house in C, a lovely area. It was a mansion…There, she opened the door to a massive room with a queen bedroom opening to a lovely balcony. There was a nice card saying welcome home…

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-31 at 16.24.43

It made me tearful. I had come without knowing that some strangers (volunteers) who had helped clean the place could be kind enough to another stranger without knowing anything about their stories. I had expected a small bedroom with less light, cold and dark where I was going to hide for a considerable amount of time. I was wrong.

It was a normal and beautiful room.

I thought about them. I thought about their kindness. I thought about the ability to open your arms to an unknown person. The ability to give your time to make a place enjoyable for someone you don’t know. I was moved by everything. I sat on the corner of the room where there was one of those swinging chairs for reading and I looked outside with a dreamy mind.

I thought about how my day had started and the kind girl who let me use her phone to call, Ms. E who was with me checking if everything was going fine, the volunteers who had cleaned and left a welcome card and I was just overwhelmed by everything.

I want to thank you again. If you ever come across this. All volunteers who truly open their hearts to do good…for strangers, you made me feel welcomed and loved in that house. And because of you, I had a happy start and Christmas wasn’t that scary or lonely …because I knew that I was loved and welcomed.
Later I called again and someone responded on my number. After speaking to the driver had found it and dropped it to the Lost and Found office. Ms. E was going to take me there.


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